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The Future of Bolting is Here

Wave Bolts are the strongest, easiest to use, and most cost-effective glue-in rock climbing anchor available, offering tremendous shear and pullout resistance and ease-of-use not found in other designs. It is the only anchor available that combines the strength of glue-ins with the convenience of mechanical bolts. Even in vertical placements the Wave Bolt will not slide out of the hole – like other glue-in bolts do – prior to the glue hardening. Just place the Wave Bolt and move on!

UPDATE 7/12: We’re excited to announce we’ve teamed up with ClimbTech as the producer of Wave Bolts, making them better than ever!

Wave Bolt: The Best Rock Climbing Anchor Available!

The 1/2 inch Wave Bolt’s unique design makes it the strongest, easiest to use, and most cost effective rock climbing anchor on the market.

Wave Bolts are just as easy to use as mechanical bolts on steep routes. When properly placed, they will not slide out of the hole before the glue sets. In one real-world test in the Red River Gorge, a Wave Bolt held over 1000lbs of straight-out pull WITHOUT adhesive! The special design of the Wave Bolt combines the strength of a glue-in with the convenience of a mechanical bolt.

In one real-world test in the Red River Gorge, a Wave Bolt easily withstood over 9000lbs of pull in a shear strength test. In fact, the test had to be stopped to avoid damage to the testing equipment before the Wave Bolt showed any sign of failure.

Because the unique design allows adhesive to encase the bolt, rather than just harden around its exterior contours like other designs do, the Wave Bolt has extreme failure resistance in a straight out pull. During testing in the Red River Gorge, at over 8000lbs the large section of rock in which a Wave Bolt was placed exploded off the face of the slab. The Wave Bolt was still solidly placed in its hole with no signs of failure.

  • We dont know if your up to date on the Motherload rebolting project, (our connection to Echelon expired last month), but we just put in an order for more WAVE bolts. Check out the vid, then later this season, or spring, fall on them at the Lode.–Team Suck Climbing

  • I have used these....they come highly recommmended from this camp. I love the fact they can be put in a hole without epoxy, and used as a temporary anchor while bolting steep lines. Nice job!–Kipp Trummel

  • Hey, I was clipping those bolts all weekend, they work great!–Isaac Fry

  • A significant innovation to this type of bolt.–Hugh Loeffler

  • These are the best SS glue-ins currently on the market, and the best I have seen after shopping around many years.–Dustin Stephens

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